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Create your Own Vtiger Theme

Create your Own Vtiger Theme. Its great to discuss about the core customization of Vtiger Theme development. When one of my client asked me to develop a custom theme and appearance for  Vtiger, I tried to get tutorials from blogs and couldn’t get single one, because,  Vtiger provide the base of theme support to change the color schemes and there is no possibility of changing the themes like our custom created one.

So I had no choice, and go with core file customization’s.  The following tutorial helps you to edit the core to get your own custom theme.



The above image shows you the necessary files to edit. Here I just showed a way to start. You need to play with more to understand its core concept. The header and footer files help you to prepare the opening tags and end tags for your Vtiger .

JS Resources – Helps you to attach your custom JS files into the Vtiger  and helps to hooks it.

BasicHeader – helps you to join the header menu navigational links and right side top links for the preferences and admin links.

CommonActions – file helps you to add the widgets and components you use in main area.

SideBar and  SideBarLinks –  helps you to add  sidebars and its links.



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