PHP function to get first and last date of a month

PHP function to get first and last date of a month. Some times we may need to get the first and last days of a month. For example, if we need to get a monthly transaction . we have the month name or its count. but we need to know the first and last date to do.  So here i am giving you the small piece of code to get the first and last date of a month.

function kvcodes_date_month($month) {

	$start_date = date('Y-'.$month.'-01');
	$end_date = date('Y-'.$month.'-t');	
	$result arr = array($start_date, $end_date);
	return $result_arr; 

and you can just access this function by passing the month count , say for example, if you need to give march month, just pass ” 3″  as the parameter. Just like the following one

$date_arr = kvcodes_date_month(3);


here it will print the two dates. you can process any month here. Drop your  comments, if you have any doubt and queries.




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