Passing JavaScript Array To PHP Through JQuery $.AJAX

Passing JavaScript Array To PHP Through JQuery $.AJAX. Sometimes you need to process an array of data through php.  But we have the Array in JavaScript. So we need to pass the whole array in a variable.  We have two options. JSON String Direct array Direct Array : This one is simplest method to pass the data’s from JavaScript to php.  Just add the Array ...

How to Store Multi-dimensional Array in Mysql Using PHP

How to Store Multi-dimensional Array in Mysql Using PHP
How to Store Multi-dimensional Array in Mysql Using PHP. There are more number of doubts will arise, when you working with multi dimensional array and database operations together. Always the multi dimensional array is little complicated one. So here is my simple tutorial to understand it better, and work easily, You have two options to save datas inMySQL Table. Json_encode Serialize Let’s discuss each one ...

How to Push Both Key and Value into an Array in jQuery

This is a simple way method to work with Array of Objects, You can simply push values to append it to an array, But if the array is Array of Object means you have to be careful on implementing the append operation.  In this article I am going to show you , how to deal with the Array of Objects and its pushing values for ...

How to Sort Array of Objects in jQuery

Hi , This is my another code to sort an Array of Objects by using Javascript. We can able to sort an Array of values easily with simply Adding a Sorting Function. But If the Array is an Array of Objects means, We have to add little more specific things to Sort it. Yo can Sort it Either way. Whether the Property of an object, ...

Remove Array items from Array of Objects Using jQuery

During my one of a jQuery Work, I was in need of deleting certain items from an array. There i used to code myself to handle that operations by using JavaScript. Meanwhile one of my developer friend suggested me to use jQuery Splice() method to remove the desired items from the array. Here is my simple example for jQuery Splice  method. $(document).ready(function(){ // DOM Ready ...



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