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How to zip a whole folder using PHP

How to zip a whole folder using PHP . Here we are going to zip the files using php Ziparchive class . Lets get into the topic.


While started creating zip, we need to increase the maximum execution time to 5 mintues or something which is convenient to you.

     ini_set("max_execution_time", 300);


 This will set to 5 minutes and 300 seconds.  and now create an empty Zip archive by using the ziparchive class.


$kv_test_zip_file = new ZipArchive();


 Now, check whether the zip file is created or not with the help of following code.

if ($zip->open("", ZIPARCHIVE::CREATE) !== TRUE) {
die ("Sorry the zip files doesnot exist");

 Now, we need to set the path for the files to add in our zip file

$iterator = new RecursiveIteratorIterator(new RecursiveDirectoryIterator("pat-to-the-folder/"));

 This will get all the listed files path info. And use the following loop to get all the files in the folder.

foreach ($kv_folder as $key=>$value) {
       $zip->addFile(realpath($key), $key) or die ("ERROR: Problem with file reading : $key");

 And finally close the zip file.

echo "Your  Zip created successfully.";

 That’s it to create a zip file.  Test it yourself, if you have any problem with the code comment below.


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