Install AbanteCart on XAMPP and WAMP

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Install AbanteCart on XAMPP and WAMP

Install AbanteCart on XAMPP and WAMP. Let’s begin with another growing eCommerce framework installation for you.  There are plenty of eCommerce frameworks are coming everyday. But certain frameworks can survive based on the service and customization of the framework. Today we are going to begin with abantecart, which is also one of the growing eCommerce framework.

Let’s move to the installation of the framework, which is nothing special to guide you. When you download Bitnami  Abantecart Stack, which will help you to install it on your Windows, Linux Os, There is one click installation option is there. Else try the following method, first download a fresh copy of the Abantecart from


Than, Extract the zip and upload it on your  Host or your htdocs folder for local installations.  Now, Open the Folder path on your browser or your domain with installation folder. It will automatically redirect you to installation page. Just begin the steps as directed on the page.

The following images shows you the installation methods,


In the first step, it takes you to the installtion page and make you to accept there agreement, than followed by the requirment validation, Wether your Apache is capable to install Abantecart or not,

Than, it will take you to Configuration page, You need to create a database and provide the database and its login details here, Here, you have one another job,  you have to provide an unique name for the admin login url, which is for your security purpose, enter a string which must not guessable and you remember it.

Than follow the steps as like the same, in the screen and finish the installation, than goto login control panel, than you will get the login string there. So just book mark and keep it safe for your privacy and safety.

Once you logged in your get a admin interface as like the following image.



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  1. commenter

    Thanks. I am looking to install AbanteCart on a server with LAMP. Plus they offer cheap hosting solutions. Do you have experience with installing AbanteCart on LAMP? Thank you.

    • commenter

      Sorry,I am not sure, becuase i never tried it on VPS.but i used command to install and work on VPS. so its easier to do .

      Better try the VPS access software. if its putty, you can have control to install it easily

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