Send Invoice to Multiple Recipient in Frontaccounting

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Send Invoice to Multiple Recipient in Frontaccounting

Send Invoice to Multiple Recipient in Frontaccounting. This article Specially for the customers, who have to send their invoice to multiple peoples. This not a issue or a problem,  actually a way to send multiple emails simultaneously.  Before getting into the operation make sure your host allow you to send more emails. Because many hosting provider have their own SMTP to block sending unwanted Spam emails. Make sure before sending it.


Let’s begin the operation, Just login into your Frontaccounting(FA) and followed by open Sales-> Customer Branches

Here, you can see the existing customer email and his contact details, just add new contact details just add with it.

Than  whenever you send an invoice to the customer the copy will be sent to the all listed emails with it.  The above image explains you more to setup the multiple emails. Just follow the steps as per the numbers in the image.


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    i need to add additional date field below invoice date in sales->direct invoice page.i add the field.but where it get posted or how should i proceed to get the value of this field in database

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