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How to Zip and Unzip in Ubuntu Server Using Putty

How to Zip and Unzip in Ubuntu Server Using  Putty?. Here I am giving  few commands to play in Your putty to make zip and unzip it. Let’s look at the zip functions first.  first of all you need to configure your putty to connect your Ubuntu Web server or your linux Server.




Now, just open your server  and move to the directory, where you want to make a zip.  The following screenshot will help you to move there.

Screenshot_2015-4-22 10.24.16

And now, just use the following command to zip a directory.

zip -r directory_which_you_want_to_zip/*

There here it will run few commands, based on your directory files.  than you can see a zip on your host.  Here, without


I mean, without “/*” the files which are available on the directory will be zipped, not the sub folders and its files.

Unzip :

Unzipping will be simple command. but it will be vary based on the Zip format.  Let me give it each one.

For Zip Archive: 


 For Tar Archive

tar -xvf your_archive.tar

 For Tar.Gz 

tar -zxvf your_archive.tar.gz

 For Rar File

rar x your_archive.rar



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