Freya - Connect to Server (FTP Access)

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Freya – Connect to Server (FTP Access)

Freya – Connect to Server (FTP Access). Connecting FTP Servers From Freya File manager is very Easy. And you dont need a FTP Software like FileZilla, WinSCP or any other software to connect it.  You can access it simply logging in.

Screenshot_2015-11-22 10.32.45

Once you open the file System, you can see an option on the left-side `Connect to Server`. ,  Than it will show you the FTP login form just like the below screen.

Screenshot_2015-11-22 10.32.4Here you need to Your  Host details. You can select your login type as well.

Screenshot from 2015-11-22 05x00x47 Screenshot from 2015-11-22 05x00x27



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