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Install and Uninstall SmartGit on Ubuntu

Install and Uninstall SmartGit on Ubuntu. SmartGit a perfect alternative to Sourcetree and windows Github. You can do all the repository operations here in Linux With Help of SmartGit. Let me show you how to install SmartGit on your Ubuntu, Elementary OS, Lubuntu, Kubuntu, other debian Operating Systems and most of the Linux environments.



First and Foremost Easy way to download from the SmartGit official site and install it.  That’s very easier one. But you need to extract zip and start installing it. Here I have some command, you can install it through terminal. Just open your terminal by holding (Ctrl+ T). or you can pick it from applications menu.

Than we should add PPA to get your SmartGit.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:eugenesan/ppa
sudo apt-get update

Now, your Linux distribution is updated to install SmartGit.  Just follow the below commands,

sudo apt-get install smartgit

And, if you need to install SmartGitHg. Just use the below command as well.

sudo apt-get install smartgithg

Now, you can check Applications menu to open SmartGit. If you couldnt find, than reboot your pc to take effect.

Alternative Way:

Sometimes your Smartgit installation through command-line Fails to run. So You can download the .deb file from the Official Download. With Help of Software Center, you can install it very easily. This is a Simple Alternative Way to install SmartGit.

Also if you are familiar with Commandline, It’s Very simple  Upgrade to the recent one.

$ sudo apt install <path-to-smartgit-8_0_3.deb-file>   // $ sudo apt install ~/Downloads/smartgit-8_0_3.deb

This will install if your  Ubuntu is newer one. Else try Exract and install it.

$ sudo dpkg -i <path-to-smartgit-8_0_3.deb-file>

and after that install it.

$ sudo apt-get install -f

That’s it.


you can remove the SmartGit by typing the following command on your terminal.

$ sudo apt-get remove smartgithg

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