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jQuery Get Width of an Element


jQuery Get Width of an Element. Getting the Width of an element requires to  use it another field. So you need to use it right way to handle and get the size of the div or an element.  With Help of jQuery `width();` function to get an element width. Based on that, you can assign it to another element.


Here is a sample code for the demo of it.

var element_width = $('.kv_container').width();

This one gets the width of an element.  you can assign it to another element like this.


But, you can call this function once  to set the width , and you need to  change the width of element, when user resize the window. It’s mandatory, because, the user may resize  the window any time. so the element width should adjust as like the element width change.


You have to handle the width change inside resize.

 $('.kv_container').resize(function() {

Finally, you can wrap it like this.

$(document).ready(function() {
   $('.kv_container').resize(function() {

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