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Login Timeout Frontaccounting


Login Timeout FrontAccounting is simple issue with its sessions. Sometimes you might not noted the settings in company setup page to change the logout time. There are two things you may stuck with login timeout.

  1. Timeout settings not changed.
  2. When your IP is not static,

You can solve these two things with some simple tips.

1.Timeout Settings

Whenever it throw the “Authorization timeout“, It’s not a problem, you might need to change the timeout time. Lets goto the Company Setup,There you can able to change the Login Timeout.

Just like the below screenshot.

2. Dynamic IP Change

Mainly it happens, if you login and work from mobile. Because mobile networks wont give you static IP for all users, it will be changed and allocated as of the users need. So the IP address changes the access will be timed out. Let’s find a solution for it. We can modify the timeout program to prevent us to logout from our Login. But this is not healthy way to change it.  If the Frontaccounting is not provided Public Access you can do this change without worrying of its problems.

Let’s see how to change the function to take effect. Goto your FrontAccounting Files and follow the below directory  structure.


Here find the function preventHijacking() Here you can find the below lines

if ($_SESSION['IPaddress'] != $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'])
	return false;

Just comment these two lines like this.

 //if ($_SESSION['IPaddress'] != $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'])
	//	return false;

Save this file and continue with FrontAccounting from mobile and also other device which gives logout issue.


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