Changes : 
  • Add-on brought to available, created second name with that.
  • Reorder levels notification in POS header
  • Cash customer selection. so we can mark one customer as cash customer
  • Credit limit restrict also added. So you can able to restrict to sell it for customers who doesnt have their allowed credit.
  • Customer header on receipts programmed with Add-on second name
  • There are two more options added in profile to choose font family and font size.
  • Enhanced to update the existing companies easily from the backend itself, no more sql query works in database for existing companies.
  • Tender and Cash saved and brought to display in the receipt.
  • Report updated with some functionality level.
  • Minor bugfixes and updated some base functions.
  • Tender Cash change recorded in the system and shows in the receipt. 
    ALTER TABLE `0_debtor_trans` ADD `ov_change` DOUBLE NOT NULL AFTER `ov_amount`;

  • branch code issue fixed on save orders
  • PDF line break issue fixed.
  • Shortcuts popup created to use it effectively

  • Translations Strings are ready.
  • Profile has some new features, 
  • Minor bugfixes.
  • Receipt Formats added A6, A7, and A8.

  • Option to enable and disable dimensions option in the POS from administrator Profile page.
  • Option to strict the customer GST/VAT no.
  • Parent and child category added.
  • Minor bugfixes in program.


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