By default FA it starts with sales quotation and proceed to next steps and finally it reaches the sales payment. The transaction gets completed. But in our function we have estimate which we can convert to sales order and follow the steps to complete the transaction. Its separate from FA sales order and quotation. So you can convert and handle them with separate panel.


 The proposal is almost similar to the estimate. But the only difference is estimate requires a customer to create and the proposal can be either customer or lead. 

Yes we can create a proposal against lead and you can convert the lead to customer and than you can able to process the sales proposal to order.


The Invoice meant Project Invoice which is different from sales invoice. The sales Invoice uses the stock inventory and make it. But the project invoice is towards the customer when a project si finished and ready to bill him.  Which is almost similar to the sales invoice. But the way is a bit different. The project can be billed in three types. 

  • Fixed rate
  • Project hour rate
  • Task hour rates.

The fixed rate is fixed rate for a project incase if any other charges we can add it while making invoice.  The fixed rate project never checks the tasks or hours of the project to work on.

The project hours are chargable. Sometimes a project is charged as hourly rate and ten employees assigned to complete means we have to add hours and quantity of the employees. It will convert to bills

Task hours is so simple, it will be complied from task rare and its worked hours.


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