The main features of the POS is very small in size and web based operation. So it can be accessible either through mobile, tab or desktop.  And operating system independent. We only need an operating system with Browser to operate. It can be installed on localhost, over a LAN connection or internet or even single computer to work on.  

There is no limit with terminals, You can allow multiple terminals at a time with different Salesman and different shops. It's even faster than FA to make sales invoices. So its good for the lite weight server. But I recomend good and speedy server to use it for huge volumne of sales per day. 

Also it covers the sales returns to collect returns from the customers with its quantiy and easy returns with reference.

I am making Restaurant module to cover table plans and bookings. with dinning and kitchen sets. If someone provide a good requirement and plan, we can program it better way.

Payment Methods

We have 4 payment methods in our POS module. Which are 
  • Cash Only - Direct cash customers pay by cash and that will be put in the cash drawer. For every salesman we have Cash drawer account from the Backend while creating Users. Kindly provide it properly.
  • Credit/ Debit Card - This actually a bank transfer, with help of customers card and using your virtual terminal machine, the money will be received to your bank account. This option also you have to set in the bank accout from the users edit/add new page. 
  • Split Payment - This is alternative opton to do both Cash and card payments. Basically some customers Will do the direct payment through bank to bank, or in certain cases half will be done through one bank and rest will be cash. In that case its split payment to collect it from two modes.
  • Pay Later - It's for credit sales. You can mark it as pay later and it can be collected from the sales page. from the search box if you type the transaction reference you can shortlist to get it easily.
Alternatively, We can also save sales order only. and some times cashier will be different person and sales man is different. In such a situations, we have to use this way to record sales order and allow the casher to use the sales page to collect all of the salesmans payments. 

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