This is Very first time release of my extension regardig the CRM to carryout Custmer relationship and maintain the meetings, calls, orders,  invoices, payments in one place with  Project and Tasks module. Many CRM frameworks i have seen. But nothing works inside FA as a compact ready module to adapt the functionality of FA.

The customer, and supplier informations are already available in FA. But not elaborated way to use it like other CRM frameworks, Let's hope the best with needy things in our own module for FA. 


The Leads are the potential to do the business. Lets say whether its company or a person, who can do business with us, only thing is to keep them in regular contact and convince them to do business with us. Hope the Lead helps to increase your business activities. 


Its a possible business opportunity with a customer. Lets say the customers, ability to take the opportunity and its probability.


We might do some specific Project to a particular customer, say for example they might require a custom goods or service with their expected requirement. Which is actually to that particular customer. It wont be sold to other customers like common inventory items. For this project, we will have separate invoice, which can be processed,when they commense to complete it.


A customer,or  Supplier, Project, Leads, can have some activities and some described jobs and works, which can be defined as tasks in our CRM, Generally, the tasks are the segregated into many small piece of jobs. and make it final one.

Customers & Suppliers

The most important Part for every business is input and output to it. Customers and suppliers are the two eyes for a business. We have to buy something from our suppliers to make it as finished goods and sell it to customers.

Activities (Calls, Meetings, Followups)

We need to keep track the calls and meetings with help of our CRM to provide better support and better service to the customers.


We might require to keep some files as a reference to a business or service.

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