LTE Theme For FrontAccounting helps to change the look and feel of FA to different version. And also you can use different color schemes to make it better. This is Premium FrontAccounting Theme and out of the box, I tried to bring better responsiveness to the theme. Hope you will like it when you demo this.


Username: themedemo

Password: password

Use the above credentials on demo page to try a trail.


This theme is developed from adminLTE HTML template. As of some users request. We have created this theme and which will be a bit altered from its original due to FA core changes. Some of the element styles also differs. Because that’s not easy to bring up all elements same to be here.

Let’s see the functionality and features

  1. Colorschemes ( Default, blue, green, yellow, purple)
  2. Responsive to mobile and tablet as well as PC
  3. Custom logo and favicon
  4. Common Dashboard interactive elements
  5. Popup notification for reorder level, payments.
  6.  RTL support for Arabic Users.
  7. Some additional functionalities will be added soon

Some Screenshots

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