Project Management 

The Project management is an added functionality to plan, organize and manage them in one place within FrontAccounting. A project is a one-time activity that produces a specific output and or outcome. Especially the Project can be done to a specific Customer.

As we have projects, we can plan the functionality and tasks. we can able to make a list and prepare the functions from the customer requirement and needs. Here in our Project Management, we can Create a new project with its cost, type of billing, and the person who are all assigned as members to it. The members can have the access to see the project and work with it.  They can't able to change any financial informations here in their allowed project. If the staff has administrator access. They can able to edit, and update the project.

For a Project, you can add tasks and attachments to it. Also Project Activity can be monitored and updated simultaneously, We have email notification system, which helps to send email to customers and project members, when its created. Hope the above screenshot helps to understand the inputs. Its a bit similar to the inventory.

Once a project is completed, you can change the status to complete and make the progress 100% and then you can see the project in the Project Invoice Page, There you can able to bill it to the customer and get payment and then release the project results to them. There are types of biling for a project which can be used during the time of billing.

Billing Types

  • Fixed 
  • Project Hours
  • Task Hours

Project Invoice

Invoicing a project is easy, all you have to turn the status of the project as "Completed" and also change the progress to 100%. Than the project is finished and it will be ready to bill the customer. So just goto CRM->Project Invoice,  Here you can able to see the completed projects list in the drop down.

There once you select the project the other fields such as customer and branches can be auto loaded there, You can see a completed tasks drop down if the project is task hour billing, otherwise it will show it as textbox. With that textbox, you can able to input custom tasks and particulars along with its cost. 

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