Sales and Customer



Getting sales transactions through the url /modules/api/sales/trans_no/Type  e.g /modules/api/sales/2/10   // here 10 is type and 2 is transaction no

Type numbers   

  • 32 - Sales Quotation
  • 30 - Sales Order
  • 10 - Invoice
  • 12 - Payment
  • 13 - Credit

You can get all sales transaction based on types with this 

 /modules/api/sales/Trans_type - it will get you all the transactions under the given type


/modules/api/sales/ - It will help you to create new sales order or sales invoice, I mean new sales transaction you can create  with it


You can edit any existing sales transaction with its id like this  /modules/api/sales/trans_no/Type      e.g modules/api/sales/3/30 // here 30is type and 3 is trans no



You can get all existing customers list with help of the url with /modules/api/customers/

And you can get specific customers with help of this /modules/api/customers/id      e.g modules/api/customers/1

Also you can access all the branches of a specific customer with this one. /modules/api/customers/:id/branches/


/modules/api/customers/   - You can create new customer with this


You can edit any existing customer with its id like this  /modules/api/customers/id      e.g modules/api/customers/1


The  same put method url helps you to delete the customer.   /modules/api/customers/id  

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