Shortcut Keys

Key board Shortcuts

  • ctrl + b - BarcodeScanner Enabled
  • shift + p - Product selection Drop down focus - you type the product item code or name and use nagivation keys(up and down) to navigate and enter key to select the product. And again enter key to add the product to cart.
  • shift + n - New Customer add Form will open from the Popup modal
  • shift + c - Search Customer by typing the name, phone number,or email
  • shift + down - To select next customer
  • shift + up - To select Previous customer
  • shift + r  - Print receipt
  • shift + t - Tender Amount
  • ctrl + up - Increase the last cart item quantity by one
  • ctrl + down - Decrease the last cast items qty by one.
  • ctrl + del - Remove Last item from the cart.
  • ctrl + q - Logout from POS
  • enter key - Tender Amount, next enter key will goto Pay and Complete, Next enter key will goto Print Receipt.


  • alt + h - Home Page
  • alt + p - POS Page
  • alt + c - Customers Page
  • alt  + s - Sales
  • alt + r - Profile Page
  • alt + e - Sales Return  Page

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