A Lite weight theme for FrontAccounting ERP and its my another UI for the FrontAccounting users. Its named as Vanigam FrontAccounting Theme. Vanigam – A Premium Responsive FrontAccouting Theme


Username : themedemo

password : password


Version  1.2

There are some updates on the New Vanigam,  I tried to bring the responsiveness to all the pages with  page level styling.   Its a bit close to be clean and neat layout. I hope you will like this. Here are some other updates.

  • Interactive Charts with custom date range selectors to get chart results based on time selection.
  • Some style bugs solved.
  • Login Page a bit Cleaned
  • Responsiveness of most of the pages.



  • Theme Options to customize Your logos and texts
  • New Icons
  • Different Look and Feel
  • Less Complexity in Installation
  • Small and Lite Weight Theme
  • Google Font Support

Vanigam FrontAccounting Theme has an option page which helps you to customize the settings of Vanigam Theme. You have simple settings to change some options. you will love to configure it.

SalesOrder Image

There is some new Icons in Vanigam Theme, which will provides enhanced look and feel for your FA. It also have good looking buttons and which helps the color schemes to identify the changes in it.Customer

Its Entirely Different look and feel for the FA Users. It helps to change the look and feel without affecting the core files. Also it wont give you trouble for updates. I Have tested it with FA 2.4 R.C.1. It works fine.


Less complexity in installation. So no need to bother about your existing code affect. And if you need help on installation Let me assist you to install it.


Small and lite Weight theme. So its easy to install and loads faster than other complex themes. It  does not affect the speed of the FA.

MainMenu and Sales Page


It Uses google Web font ‘Open Sans’  which you will love to use it .



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