Extended HRM Hourly Rate For FrontAccounting


Extended HRM Hourly Rate for FrontAccounting is a bit enhanced version of extended HRM to calculate hourly wages and minute basis wages. Also it helps to add holidays. And you can take a backup of HRM and Payroll information. Lets see a brief look at the features. This includes all features of Extended HRM and also some additional functions with it.


Username: uhrm
Password: password
Company: Demo


There are some additional features probably you will like to use.

  1. Minute basis loss of pay(LOP) calculation.
  2. Overtime Allowance (OT)
  3. Holidays
  4. Attendance Elaborated
  5. Demo data Clear options
  6. Petrol claims
  7. Travel Claims
  8. Company charges and Reimbursement Allowances added.
  9. Employee Login Portal
  10. Attendance through API
  11. Attendance import
  12. Daily reports, Daily inputs, monthly reports and inputs, etc
  13. Leave Encashment,
  14. End of service benefits
  15. Tax Deductions
  16. Allowance Elaborated
  17. Loan, EMI, Multiple Loans together.
  18. Document management
  19. Reports Elaborated with full profile
  20.  Enhanced Settings 

Minute Basis LOP 

Calculating minute basis LOP will bring absolute earnings and their actually time attendance calculations. And also which works to prepare employee working hours in minute basis to perform

OverTime Allowance(OT) 

OT can be Calculated Separately and added to gross pay. It's also min basis calculation. You have the OT Factor on your settings page. Each minute of overtime work will be calculated to create OT allowance. This one a nice feature to bring up with OT on a right calculation.




It can be added to allow employees to enjoy the paid leaves and festival season. Which also created based on fiscal years. So, This feature helps to add gazetted holidays to employees. Which will calculated for the salary and and also working hours calculation. 


Attendance can be added per minute basis. which brings the company workings hours and also the default attendance will be present to mark easily.  You have two different fields to differentiate the leave days and absent days.


This is a new feature added to take backup of entire extended HRM Tables and which can be moved to other system or you can keep version backup for your safety. The Backup feature really helpful to move data's from here to another system. when you are upgrading or you have problem with existing installation.  


Except this new feature, you have the Extended HRM full features and some of the unnecessary codes and queries removed to increase the performance for the large data's.

Changes - v2.0 

- Some minor updates with GL entries level and its automatically make entries into it. 

- Changed a lot of bugfixes and improved the code stability. 
- Improved the Employee Portal


Regular License


Regular License Selected


Single Installation to use it within one install.

Extended License


Multiple installations and multiple company usage.