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Smartfinance FrontAccounting Theme

Smartfinance FrontAccounting Theme


A Simple And Neat FrontAccounting  Theme with my own Test and spicy code in it. Smartfinance FrontAccounting Theme Very less affects in code change.  So very easy to install it. Let’s Take a look at the theme features and its look and feel.


This is pretty simple theme. so you can install it very easily. Let’s see the things.

  1. Easy install
  2. Small in Size
  3. New Look and Feel.
  4. Input components revamped without editing its functionality.
  5. Customized logo  Selector.
  6. You can able to Hide version information from the users.
  7. Custom Favicon logo.

This will work based on your version of FrontAccounting. Don’t worry, if you feel to get back to the old look and feel, you can change the theme to get it back. Also you can update forth coming core updates and next releases.

Planning to enrich the options, I am hoping to hear words from people for the necessary options in it. Sofar frontaccounting doesn’t have more options to change the look and feel.  So I  have changed whatever I can without entering into the core.

Let’s get the theme and install it. Here is some features with images of Smartfinance Frontacounting Theme.




Different Login, Forget password page looks. Also the logout page functionality working without showing the page.






New Login Gif image with faded background with light grey background, loading like a popup fancy style.





Smartfinance FrontAccounting Theme New button styles with red and blue colored buttons.




New tabbed style for the customers, suppliers and other tabbed views.







SmartFinance frontaccounting Theme option page to change theme options and styles with logo  and favicon changer options.

Version hide option to hide version details from the main menu.

Removing the powered  by name and powered by url.





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