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Hi, I am a  Passionate web developer and self motivated to begin writing tuts, to help others.  My interests are, WordPress, OpenCart and FrontAccounting , But keep going with raw PHP. Basically I am a Software Engineer. During my  college days,  I had a passion to learn about website hosting and working with Interactive  site development. Later it moved to learn WordPress and Opencart for my friends requirement.  I was motivated with That works and It droves me to learn blogging and e-Commerce store development.


After Graduating Engineering, I was worked as Programmer for few months.  But It was very boring and I didn’t stop blogging. And my passion droves me to come back to web blogging. Than I decided to go with freelancing and blogging.  I have got few team Contact, Which makes me to be freelancer.


During the Smooth development of WordPress Theme Development and Plugin Development, OpenCart Theming and Extension making, one client asked me to work on FrontAccounting as of his customization. Than my FrontAccounting Carrier started with it.


Now, I am blogger and Freelancer for WordPress, OpenCart, FrontAccounting And raw PHP, js, jQuery.  And Also I have started making my own CMS Solution for better Speedy and Performance. Hope it will be arrived before end of this year with my core features. And thats it my simple biography.



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