UI Upgraded Frontaccounting will be soon

UI Upgraded Frontaccounting will be soon. I am working on the UI upgrade for frontaccounting. It will be available soon here. Probably before end of June.  Here i am going to give the following features Fontawesome Icons Improved look for menus, logos, tables, Profile page for users A minimal Dashboard with pre defined charts My small HRM features That’s it. Soon you can demo it.  I am ...

Frontaccounting Theme Development

Frontaccounting Theme Development
Frontaccounting Theme Development is much easier for you, if you know the facts of theme development. Here I will give you simple tutorial to develop your own custom theme for your frontaccouting. Lets start with Default theme and files. The default theme consist of Following files list : images Directory index.php default.css renderer.php This is the basic files you have to know while developing new the ...

FrontAccounting Theme – Kv Varadha

FrontAccounting Theme – Kv Varadha
Hi ,  This is one of my Frontaccounting work, I just designed a FrontAccounting (FA) theme. If you want to use it, just download it and upload it on your Frontaccounting  Root.  Before uploading the new theme, just copy your access folder for future use, because I just override some codes into it, it will affect, while you chaning the theme to some other.  Than ...



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