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How to Access a Mobile’s Camera From a Websites?

How to Access a Mobile’s Camera From a Websites.
Now a days,  peoples wants to upload a photo from the website’s by taking photos on their mobile camera. There before it was a challenging one to access websites from Mobiles.   Its easier to work on mobile sites.
HTML 5 supports to activate your mobile camera and take pictures in it and upload it on website.

Here is the code to  activate camera on uour phone from your website.

When you open this file it will open you the file chooser dialog. But if you try it on your android above 3. or iphone 4. It will open you the camera and allow you to take photo and upload it there.

**Chrome and safari supports. But it wont work on opera or uc browsers on your mobile.

And you can record videos using cam recorder. The following code helps you to record a video with help of your website.

If we have choice to record video than why not try record audio. So here is the html5 support to record audio.


Thats it. It will help you to access mobile camera and audio recorder.


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