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Create New Menu Item in Frontaccounting

Whenever we use a built-in framework, it does not meet our complete requirements. So we need to customize it based on our needs. Here i just give a simple way of creating a new menu item on Frontaccounting.

fr create menu

The Following steps help you to create a new menu item. Goto frontaccounting main directory(Root Directory). Open you frontaccounting.php . It is giving access to every class. So just find the line

include_once($path_to_root . '/applications/customers.php');

and after the line add your menu item. Here i am adding a menu item of HRM.

include_once($path_to_root . '/applications/hrm.php');

and create a object for hrm class. find the following line

$this->add_application(new customers_app());

and add the following line of code under the above line.

$this->add_application(new hrm_app());
Note: If you change the order that will refelect on your menu order. So place your inclusion function based on your needs.

Than open your applications directory , and create a new php file namely “hrm.php”. And add your hrm class . Just copy any of the class file and make some changes based on your needs.


class hrm_app extends application 
function hrm_app() 
$this->application("hrm", _($this->help_context = "&HRM and Payroll"));

// Here you can add your custom functions and files here. 

} ?>

Finally login your frontaccounting, to see your new menu item “HRM”.


About Varadharaj V

The founder of Kvcodes, Varadharaj V is an ERP Analyst and a Web developer specializing in WordPress(WP), WP Theme development, WP Plugin development, Frontaccounting(FA), Sales, Purchases, Inventory, Ledgers, Payroll & HRM, CRM, FA Core Customization, PHP and Data Analyst. Database Management Advance Level


  1. commenter

    hi, i was trying to customize this system to meet some changes in my busines, iknow php programming. does frontaccounting used framework? how can i customize some of the fa module? really having a hard time doing this. thanks hoping to hear from you soon.. 🙂

    • commenter

      You can customize it . But you need knowledge on the Frontaccounting(Fa) Framework functional coding. Also , I can’t assure that the basic knowledge of PHP can help you to build all those things.

      Better Play with it some days, so you may get some idea to customize it. There is not much articles help you to learn it. So play with it.

      Best of Luck…

  2. commenter

    wooohh. yah correct been looking for articles that would help me. been reading articles that would help me picture its coding structure but nah.. would you mind giving me a hand 🙂 eg. i need to change the select drowndown list into input dropdown list something like that.

    thanks ..

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