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Front End Post Submission – WordPress

Just created simple plugin to publish your posts from your WordPress blog front end. Here , Nothing big to explain you,

just install this plugin and open “KV Settings”  , Than set your default settings,  It will automatically create page ” Submit A Post” .  It is configured to publish automatically, if not , just press edit and than publish it.

View the page , It will have the basic operations to submit a post from your theme front end.


Note: You can use any theme. It will adjust based on your theme css.

Any doubts and bugs, just drop your comment here, I will be there to help you.


About Varadharaj V

The founder of Kvcodes, Varadharaj V is an ERP Analyst and a Web developer specializing in WordPress(WP), WP Theme development, WP Plugin development, Frontaccounting(FA), Sales, Purchases, Inventory, Ledgers, Payroll & HRM, CRM, FA Core Customization, PHP and Data Analyst. Database Management Advance Level


  1. commenter

    Hi, thanks for your work. I want to try this, maybe you can help. I am really newbie, i need this plugin to make requests on my adult website. Which means, i would need 2 or 3 custom fields, and other members can answer the post directly. Is that possible. thank you

  2. commenter

    thank you Varadharaj, but how to do the custom fields. ?

  3. commenter

    This login code is quite helpful but i want redirection to a particular page on the basis of user role

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