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Reduce Bounce Rate Without Plugin

Reduce Bounce Rate. In SEO the Bounce Rate is important for every site. Bounce Rate is simply meant bouncing your website visitors. Usually, Google keeps a record, to match key words and matching fields. Most of blogs and e-Commerce site users are try to get bounce rate very less and exit rate will be more.  Let’s see what is Bounce Rate and What is Exit Rate? .

Bounce Rate

Nothing but bouncing the visitor from website. Which means, if the user visited your web page and not satisfied or he visited a wrong page or wrong link, He may feel to go out immediately. Just imagine, if many visitors moved like this way means, Search Engines like Google, Bing identifies your content is not good to show on the top. So coming to the point, the more Bounce means More percentage and which will make the site may go down from Search Results.

Exit Rate

Its just opposite to Bounce Rate. How long a user stays in your website and check its related links, which is very important, if you keep the visitor be on your website, than it will be good to show on the top of Search Results. So, How to increase Exit Rate and  decrease Bounce Rate.

Reduce Bounce and Increase Exit Rates :

Only Way is to attract the visitor and make him to be in our website for few mins, or at-least a minutes is important, So, Let’s  Think about the Possible way to keep the visitor stay in our website.

  • Attractive Design
  • Page Speed Good
  • More Informative
  • Internal Links
  • My JS to increase it.

Let’s see each in detail. Each one has some explanatory. Don’t I am giving bla bla things,  Just read and go forward with it.

Attractive Design

Most of the static websites have some slider and good colored images on it. Which helps them to stay their visitors on their website to see sliders to make them spend time on it. Also if your website has some animations and looking like Parallelism , Scroller, Page peel, Page Slide, etc. That’s the reason many site owner redesign their site with attractive things. So Attraction make the users to stay on their website for sometime.

Page Speed

Now a days, most of the people are using mobile phones to visit websites. So the speed of internet is not sure it will be good. Also in some countries the speed of internet is very low. The problem is we need the site to load in short time. If your website takes more time to load, the user may move out from your page. He may felt its too heavy to load and they don’t wait for it to complete.

More Informative

Good Content can help the visitors to stay and read more.  Say for example, if you don’t like to read content, than you might gone to visit some other blog or someother forum. So the content uniqueness and informative is more important.

Internal Links

If your website is a blog or e-Commerce, Than you need to make your visitors to see more attracted links on the same page. Which will help them to stay in the site to visit and check more things from your website.


My JavaScript

Additionally, I have a JavaScript, which will help the bounce rate to be reduced gradually. You can download and put it just after the Google Analytics Tracking code .

var _gaq=_gaq||[];
var stFailbackDefaults={
var stIntervalObj=null;
function TrackingLogTime(tosArray){
 	return tosArray[0]==50?(parseInt(tosArray[1])+1)+":00":(tosArray[1]||"0")+":"+(parseInt(tosArray[0])+10)
function stInitializeControlVars(){
	 if(typeof window.trackScrolling=="undefined"){
	 if(typeof window.stLogInterval=="undefined"){
	if(typeof window.docTitle=="undefined"){
 	if(typeof window.cutOffTime=="undefined"){
 	if(typeof window.trackNoEvents=="undefined"){
 	if(typeof window.trackNoMaxTime=="undefined"){
 		function startTimeTracking(tos){

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