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jQuery Key Codes and Values for Different Browsers

 Here is the following list of Keycodes that supports different browsers based on the version . Also jQuery works based on three key event handlers. here is it. event.keyCode event.which event.charCode. Better get the list of supported keys and its combinations, Key ASCII Mozilla keycodes IE keycodes Opera keycodes pseudo ASCII codes exceptions Alphabetic keysA to Z 97/65 to 122/90 ASCII code of uppercase version ...

Sortable Data Table WordPress Front&Back-end

Sortable Data Table WordPress Front&Back-end
Here, a Simple to create your own WordPress Sortable tables, I am going to use jQuery DataTable and integrate it with WordPress front & Back End.  Let us integrate  datatable with WordPress Admin section. Just download the jQuery DataTables plugin from here. Just download and Extract the Plugin files.  Copy jquery.datatable.js, and jquery.datatable.css files from downloaded zip file to the WordPress plugins directory.  Now , we ...

How to Include jQuery DateTime Picker With WordPress

How to Include jQuery DateTime Picker With WordPress
While developing a Backend plugin, i was necessary to include a datetime plugin, But core  WordPress supports, Date  UI only, so I thought to get it from jQuery Library and add it on my plugin, and I thought to provide you the easy way to get it for forth coming developers. First download the Datetime Picker from jQuery library. Here I have a copy for ...