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Rename wp-content Folder and Uploads – WordPress

1.Rename “wp-content” Directory :

Renaming of wp-content directory helps to hide your WordPress information from the hacker. You can rename your wp-content directory with your desired name. Here i will rename it as “public_files”.

By the following code will change the name of wp-content. First of all open your  wp-config.php from your WordPress root directory and find the following line.

require_once(ABSPATH . 'wp-settings.php');

And paste the following code above this line

define ( 'WP_CONTENT_FOLDER' , 'public_files' );

define( 'WP_SITEURL' , 'http://' .$_SERVER[ 'HTTP_HOST' ] . '/' );


And remember you need to rename you wp-content folder by using FTP or your C Panel . Here i renamed it as “public_files“. You can use your desired one.


2. Rename “Uploads” Directory :

The same thing we have to do for uploads directory. By the way , we have two options to configure it.

i. define it on your wp-config.php file.

ii. write a small php function to change it dynamically.

i. Use wp-config.php :

Open your wp-config.php and find the following line.

require_once(ABSPATH . 'wp-settings.php');

 and paste the following line of code above the line.

//If you'd like it inside the wp-content folder, specify path like this:
define( 'UPLOADS', 'wp-content/'.'medias' );

//If you'd like it outside the wp-content folder, specify path like this:
define( 'UPLOADS', ''.'medias' );

//Custom upload path
define( 'UPLOADS', ''.'medias' );

  that’s it the changes.  Now your default uploads directory is changed accordingly.

ii. PHP code to change uploads directory:

Add the following code to your theme “functions.php”. It will change your uploads directory when the theme is activated.

function kv_custom_medias_dir( $pathdata ) {
	$subdir = '/medias'.$pathdata['subdir'];
	$pathdata['path'] = str_replace($pathdata['subdir'], $subdir, $pathdata['path']);
	$pathdata['url'] = str_replace($pathdata['subdir'], $subdir, $pathdata['url']);
	$pathdata['subdir'] = str_replace($pathdata['subdir'], $subdir, $pathdata['subdir']);
	return $pathdata;

add_filter('upload_dir' , 'kv_custom_medias_dir');

Now you have done the changes. If you have any doubts and bug’s just drop a comment here.


Renaming of wp-content directory affects your installed theme and plugins. Several plugins use wp-content directly instead of functions to get the path name.

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