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Understanding Frontaccounting working system

Understanding Frontaccounting working system is simple to say and more to know and perceive. Frontaccounting very less functions to use and extend its operation. But you can play with its core directly.

It deals with classes and functions. Lets come to the basic files important to initiate Frontaccounting. The main files are listed below.

  •  Frontaccounting.php
  •   Instled-extensions.php
  •   Config.php
  •   Config_db.php

These are handling the initial functions to start working your frontaccounting. Lets discuss in detail.
This file have class to create an object for all the supporting modules such as sales, purchase, mamufacturing.. etc.
Also check the active extensions to add featuring  function.

2. Installed_extension.php
The files manages your installed extensions. If you delete an extension . It will edit automatically and  delete the respective details of the  extension from the file itself. Which helps to hook your modules manually with frontaccounting.

The basic configuration of frontaccounting goes here.  You can edit the global variables and its values here. Also you can use ur custom variable here for further extendablity.

4. Config-db.php
Here you will understand the file name itself describing that the files handle database operation. This files helps to manupluate the database operations for multiple compaines. Just open it you will understand its config’s.

These are the base files to initiate your frontaccounting. But you need to know the hooked functions and classes of frontaccounting.php
These all the hooked files are listed inside the “applications” directory. Here is the classes for all the main operation. This will also help  you to manage the menu items which listed at the top of the frontaccounting homepage.


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