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How to include FontAwesome Icons on FrontAccounting

How to include FontAwesome Icons on FrontAccounting. Here i am going to explain you how to use fontawesome icons into your frontaccouting.  Just follow the steps, it will help you to do it.  Just open your Frontaccounting Root directory, than keep read this tutorial.



1. CDN Inclusion:

Now, we need to begin the first step, just open your file which is under the following path.   ” Root Of FA/includes/page/ ” , than go and find the following line of code.

echo '<link href="'.$css.'" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">';

than copy  , paste the following line of code just below the above one.

echo '<link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">';

Here the above line will get you to connect the CDN to get all the necessary Fontawesome files with your theme. else you can personally download complete zip from Fontawesome site, than use it here.

2. Edit :

Just goto the the include folder again , than ” ui ” folder, here you can see a file ” “,  just open it and find the following function.

” set_icon()  ”  , here acutal code exists to collect the icons from the default images provided by the FA Core.

Here we are going to rewrite the function with the following one.

function set_icon($icon, $title=false)
	return "<i class='icon-".$icon."'></i>";	

and now, we need to do one more tasks.

3. Edit File:

The last step is to get necesssary icons for your FA. its based on your taste. Just open the file, which is under Includes.

Here, you can see a line like below.

defined('ICON_EDIT') || define('ICON_EDIT', 'edit.gif');

here just replace with fontawesome name as like the below.

defined('ICON_EDIT') || define('ICON_EDIT', 'pencil');

Here i have given you my choice of  icons,  if you are interested, you can use it.

/*			______________________________________
  ________|                                      |_______
  \       |     Custom  ERP					     |		/
   \      |     Author : Kvvaradha     		 	 |     /
   /      |______________________________________|     \
  /__________)                                (_________\   */
defined('ICON_EDIT') || define('ICON_EDIT', 'pencil');
defined('ICON_DELETE') || define('ICON_DELETE', 'cancel-2');
defined('ICON_ADD')	|| define('ICON_ADD', 'checkmark');
defined('ICON_UPDATE') || define('ICON_UPDATE', 'plus-2');
defined('ICON_OK') || define('ICON_OK', 'thumbs-up');
defined('ICON_CANCEL') || define('ICON_CANCEL', 'cancel');
defined('ICON_GL') || define('ICON_GL', 'book');
defined('ICON_PRINT') || define('ICON_PRINT', 'printer');
defined('ICON_PDF') || define('ICON_PDF', 'file-pdf');
defined('ICON_DOC') || define('ICON_DOC', 'libreoffice');
defined('ICON_CREDIT') || define('ICON_CREDIT', 'credit-card');
defined('ICON_RECEIVE') || define('ICON_RECEIVE', 'receive.gif');
defined('ICON_DOWN') || define('ICON_DOWN', 'arrow-down');
defined('ICON_MONEY') || define('ICON_MONEY', 'dollar-2');
defined('ICON_REMOVE') || define('ICON_REMOVE', 'minus-2');
defined('ICON_REPORT') || define('ICON_REPORT', 'clipboard');
defined('ICON_VIEW') || define('ICON_VIEW', 'monitor');
defined('ICON_SUBMIT') || define('ICON_SUBMIT', 'enter-2');
defined('ICON_ESCAPE') || define('ICON_ESCAPE', 'undo');
defined('ICON_ALLOC') || define('ICON_ALLOC', 'box');

That’s it,  if you have any doubt in integration let me know, just comment below.


About Varadharaj V

The founder of Kvcodes, Varadharaj V is an ERP Analyst and a Web developer specializing in WordPress(WP), WP Theme development, WP Plugin development, Frontaccounting(FA), Sales, Purchases, Inventory, Ledgers, Payroll & HRM, CRM, FA Core Customization, PHP and Data Analyst. Database Management Advance Level


  1. commenter

    Hi Varadharaj

    I made this procedures but nothing happened on my FA, in fact Im looking for a way to personalize the Menu Icons instead the “right.gif” icon option How can I do?

    I will appreciate your help.


  2. commenter

    Hi Varadharaj

    Do you sell your theme? Im looking for a more confortable and understanding way to work with FrontAccounting (minimalistic theme) a bootstrap based theme could be. I tried find something but no one is making some like that. I found the “Prince Cambell” work but apparently he abandoned years ago.

    Can you help me about that.


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