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FrontAccounting 2.4 RC1 At a Glance

Recently, On February 23, 2016. The new stable version has been released from official.  There are lot of bug-fix and some up-gradation to work on next version in php.  Let’s look at the new features and its advantage.

  • New Icon sets which replaced existing icons. specially for the `Preference`, `Logout`, `Change Password`, `Help`, etc
  • New Built-in Dashboard added
  • `Transaction Reference` Instead of `Form Setup`
  • MySQL query has been added advanced one , and also the mysql query method is also working for the pre version php servers.
  • New Module fixed Assets
  • Two new tables.  One is for Journal Entries and another one for Reference lines

New Icons:

The recent release have quite changes in the core code and its database too. We can see new icons in Frontaccounting, specially for the  `Preference`, `Logout`, `Change Password`, `Help`, etc  and the module listing icons also customized well. Which gives increased look to it.

Screenshot_2016-3-9 11.8.57


There before, we need to install extension to get dashboard. Now, they give us an built-in dashboard without any settings options. which is nice to work . Which has top customers, top sales, purchases, etc.  You will love to use it definitely.

Screenshot_2016-3-9 11.27.21

Reference Change:

The pre functionality “Form Setup” has been changed into “Transaction Reference,”. Also it has a new table with advanced option for the reference setup.

MySQL Function change:

There many new users have the problem of older version mysql_connect functionlity. Which has been replaced with `mysqli_`  functions, still the `mysql_` is exist, which will work for the older servers. Hope it will be a great flexibility for the existing users and new users with recent php versions.

Fixed Asset:

Many developers tried to give custom extension for fixed asset and a lot of requests for the module. So the recent release have a built-in feature of Fixed assets.  This is new module added from this version. Frontaccounting 2.4RC.

Journal Entry:

The Journal entry has some extended feature, which is storing in separate table for the flexibility.



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