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How to Install RapidSVN on Ubuntu


How to Install RapidSVN on Ubuntu is very simple steps to install SVN on Linux  Compare with Windows. If you are an Ubuntu user, you can install it from Software Center by searching RapidSVN. else you can install it through terminal. But the terminal way of installation is not RapidSVN  to make GUI for Client to easy Navigation and Version Control.We have two choices

  1. Through Terminal
  2. Software Center

Install RapidSVN Through Terminal

If you are familiar with Terminal commands, than its very easy for you to install directly Rapid SVN on your machine. Try the following command on your Terminal.

First update existing packages with below one.

sudo apt-get update

After that install the Rapid SVN with the below command.

sudo apt-get install rapidsvn

This is also easier method to install RapidSVN through Software Center.

Install RapidSVN Through Software Center

You can open your software center and type “rapid SVN”  on search box, you will get “A GUI Client for Subversion”  on your screen. Just click install and follow it.


Thats very simple to install. Mainly the Subversion is good for WordPress plugin directory updates.  If you are hosting your WordPress plugins on WordPress Plugins directory, and you are Ubuntu user, RapidSVN is good choice to install and play around it.

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