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Web developer Necessary Softwares Ubuntu

A well known and very good operating system for desktop and server edition is none other than ubuntu.  Till a lot of users are benefited by using the Ubuntu, There might some other versions of Ubuntu, lets say, Lubuntu, Kubuntu are there. From my experience, Lubuntu is very lite weight one for the web development. Which will definitely give you a good experience for you to the web development. Web developer Necessary Softwares Ubuntu

Lets speak about the softwares you need to install it and make the system ready for web development.


  • Browser ( Chrome,  FireFox, Midori, etc), The more you have the system might affect the speed. so keep the popular browsers.
  • Ftp (Filezilla is well known and its available from the Software center itself). You can install it easily.
  • A Good Editor, (Sublime, Leafpad, gedit, etc). I Prefer Sublime text.
  • You need to backup the code and you need to have a version control to maintain the daily works and updates, you need to push the daily updates to there and get it when its required in future.  So lets say you need to keep an account on bitbucket, gitlab, etc. and a git software to push the files and updates to server. (Git Cola, Gitkraken, Smartgit, etc)
  • A File, or Folder comparing software to compare two different versions of files to get the differences only for better updates from different compliations.  Lets say you need Meld, code Compare, etc, Any one softaware from these.
  • A scheduled Backup application to keep the backups on daily basis on backup drive (Timeshift) will be nice option for scheduled auto backup.
  • Screenshot and Cast app,  To take screenshots you need to keep an app for it. (kazam, OBS studio)
  • Libre Office to read and write MS office files on Ubuntu.
  • Email Client to sync mails and watch them easily, (Stylspheed, Trojita, Geary, etc)
  • For remote assistance (Team viewer, Anydesk)

For Web server you need to install apache, and mysql or maria db to maintain database and host files locally.


  • Apache or IIS
  • PHP (this is for php sites). you can install other softwares like python, java, etc
  • MySQL/MariaDB or anything you have good interest.

This is quite simple things I am proposed here. It may vary based on the interest and languages that you wanted to learn. The Basic php program requires these apps to work on.


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